EmBot is an AI service, responding to questions asked by your customer.

EmBot is a chat service where customers can create their own chat scenarios.
Implementing Natural Language Processing (NLP) and recommendation engine using AI, the Bot can carry on a natural conversation with it's users.

①Create from Simple Scenarios

One stop from creating chat scenarios to Bot implementation and operation.

②Natural Customization

We can prepare a variety of natural customization such as Targeting Push Messages, Connect to third party APIs and connecting it to your existing email service.

③Conversation Log and Human Support

All conversations are logged for scenario to be analyzed if it's accurate. A human can take over the chat at anytime.

④Optimize Marketing by Access Analysis

We support targeted push messages through our user attribute analysis and speech content analysis functions.

Wevnal is a member of Microsoft BizSpark Plus.

Drastically improved financial structure by slimming down support centre labour.

Analyzes chat log to book a ticket on its own.

Provides booking, recommending, notifying in a package



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